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Dyna came with a new track in collaboration with Boyd Janson & Patrick Paul. These two talents are scouted by Dyna himself and they now belong to camp Dyna. These two producers are ready to show the world what they got.. Pussycat is released on Sony Music Entertainment and is now available on all download & streaming portals!

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Turn It Up out now!

After releasing 'Wild In Here' in collaboration with Badd Dimes and Leftside, Dyna has come up with a new track. After his major signing deal at Sony Music Entertainment, Dyna is ready to show his audience what bootyshaking beats are about! That means that the new Dyna era has finally started!

Dyna - Wild In Here(ft. Leftside) is out now on all download & streaming services!

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Summertour 2016

Since the beginning of July, Dyna has started his summer tour. Playing at every major party venue across Europe, Dyna is widening his horizon more and more every day. He is even hosting a show at Starbeach in Greece, along side other big artists like Hardwell, W&W, Quintino and many more. With over one hundred confirmed bookings and +50 flights this season, summer ’16 will be Dyna’s. Don’t want to miss Dyna’s experiences on tour? Follow him on social media!

Dyna on Snapchat

Since a few months, Dyna has been active on Snapchat. With exclusive content, backstage peaks and more looks inside the life of Dyna, this is an account you really need to follow! On this platform Dyna has been posting regularly about new music, backstage tours during the biggest festivals and of course a more exclusive and informal look inside the life of a touring DJ. Don’t wait any longer, and follow Dyna on Snapchat by adding the username @officialdyna!

FMA Awards 2016: Best DJ

After receiving his nomination for a FunX Music Award late April, Dyna was very pleased to hear that he’d won the award in the category “Best DJ”. Going head to head with his competition which was composed of Dutch mayor artists: Freddy Moreira, Irwan, Lady Bee and Yellow Claw, who were definitely hard to compete with, Dyna finally had the honor to win an award in a nationwide award show.

This award is a real moral boost and will help Dyna thrive more and more to achieve his goals and foremost this is a sneak peak into the future, because this will definitely not be the last one!


Triple platinum for 'Round & Round'

Killing one beat after another, Dyna released his first official single last august ‘’Round & round’’ featured with national Dutch treasures F1rstman, Lil’ Kleine and Bollebof. Like every beat Dyna works his magic on, Round and round became a major hit and even achieved a triple Platinum Record! That’s right, his very first official single also got him his first triple Platinum Record... It probably won’t be his last because one thing’s for sure, if someone knows all about going hard or going home, it’s Dyna. 

Dyna merchandise on your way!

There is a huge collaboration coming up… Not between two ore more artists, but between an artist and a fashion brand. Dyna is going to release his own merchandise line together with My brand! My brand is a fashion brand from Amsterdam. The brand is known for their high quality and fashionably look. The brand is also worn by some huge celebrities, even the players of Barcalona F.C.! With this said, people now can party like a ghostrider, and dress themselves like a ghostrider!


At the start of it all.

Vishaal Lachman – better known as Dyna, is one of the most mentioned deejays in the Benelux. Dyna created his passion for music as a little kid. This passion manifested itself in the first phase when Dyna started playing piano. Thereafter he started mixing music, and people around Dyna found out that he had a great talent for mixing music. After a few months he started DJing as a resident in Club Selected, a small and intimate club in Delft, The Netherlands.

It did not take long before Dyna was recognized by the Dutch audience, and the number of bookings raised day by day. It was the special ‘Dyna sound’ that hyped up the audience, and nowadays this sound was the biggest in The Netherlands and surrounding countries. Short after that, Dyna started throwing up is own party concept, called ‘Sexed Up Ghostriders’. This ‘Dyna Sound’ was the guidance of this event, what is now one of the biggest party concepts in Europe. Besides the event Dyna also released on a regular base the famous ‘Sexed Up Ghostriders’ mixtapes, already streamed millions of times and more than 400.000 handed out hardcopies. Even the football players of AC milan were playing the mixtape in their locker room while preparing for training and matches.

What started as a DJ-act in a small and local club with a capacity of less then 250 people, became one of the most mentioned artists in Europe. Now, Dyna has build up a CV where other artists dream about, with gigs in the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam RAI, Ferro Dome, Ahoy Rotterdam, Privilege Ibiza and so on. Even when it comes to making music, Dyna showed his skills and booked a lot of success. Dyna’s ‘Round & Round’ already hit the Dutch top 40, with over 23 million streams which made the record go triple platinum!

Keep your eyes open, because Dyna is coming trough with more what he calls ‘Bootyshaking beats’!

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